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    The Disco Queen EP

    Streaming on all platforms 4/30/2021

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    The origin story is such - Marquee Mayfield was made in a factory in Nashville, Tennessee – manufactured as a country-pop singing clone being groomed for sale to music executives within an indomitable industry. Every night, however, a young scientist named Chloe would sneak him out to teach him about music – disco, funk, and R&B. Their relationship blossomed. Suddenly, Mayfield’s proverbial number was up. Chloe freed him when she discovered he was due for purchase as a country-pop singer and erased his programming, replacing it with programming that allowed him his musical freedom. It's a new form of funk, with a flair of fetish for the past.

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    In the songs, you hear a modern programmed mind, richly versed in the old school of soul and smitten by the large R&B/funk acts & pop-disco productions of the 70s & 80s. While still paying homage to the legends of the genres he holds so dear, Marquee Mayfield showcases the evolution of an artist that has found his own unique voice. From the heartfelt, blue-eyed soul croonings, to the luscious horn lines & silky-smooth bass riffs, you can hear Mayfield & his crew of funkster-romantics channeling their love for an era gone by with a contagious spirit that catches you and proves relevant for today.

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    Disco Queen

    New Drug


    Databyte Diva



    Thief (live)

    Good Old Days

    Lonely Heart

    Mistletoe Rendezvous

    Special Someone

    All Day All Night



    Jet Set


    Feelin' So Blue

    X Factor

  • Press

    People Say...

    "...kaleidoscopic synths flowing into a '70s R&B tune flavored with heavy doses of disco pop energy.

    Mayfield's falsetto provides the song with flamboyance, as well as a passionate delicacy of tone reminiscent of Michael Jackson covering Kool & The Gang. The blend of luminous harmonies and Mayfield's falsetto acts as a go-between to the lush joie de vivre aura emanating from the music."

    "New single Spellbound sees Marquee Mayfield belting soaring librettos in a lofty funk effort: a sultry love song hidden under riotous synth solos, trumpet lines, and drifting key changes forming a veritable ocean of sound and feeling"

    "Those unfamiliar with Marquee Mayfield would do well to educate themselves on the act; between their expressive vocals, impressive instrumentation, and upbeat attitude, the group hold the unique ability to play in just about every form of pop music from the last fifty years, including Motown, reggae, rock, and RnB."

    "Nashville-rooted funk-pop group Marquee Mayfield, anchored with lead vocalist Andrew Glass and sometimes containing upwards of 10 other players, mocks today’s culture through plotting a hilariously-on-point safari-style trek through suburban America. “Feelin’ So Blue” sees Glass playing a Steve Irwin-like role, introducing the broadcast in conservationist attire and donning a thick Australian accent. “I hope you love me the way I love you,” he sings, grooving in front of a makeshift green screen."

    "Is there some sort of Jamiroquai revival going on and I didn't get the memo?... the new video from Marquee Mayfield, which is only a tracksuit and a furry hat away from making the walls move. It's a Jamiroquia-y disco jam and that's all right by me.." - Sean Maloney, Nashville Scene

    "Blending a variety of influences, Marquee Mayfield brings together a fusion of upbeat pop, R&B and soul grooves, along with a bit of disco and funk to the party, for a smash of guaranteed good times."

    "If you’re up for some summer fun to beat the heat, Nashville’s R&B / pop outfit Marquee Mayfield have the perfect hit for you to dance along to, with their new single “Feelin’ So Blue“! Released today, the track and its accompanying music video bring together an insatiable, upbeat pop hit, full of delicious hooks, alongside a quirky and comical video that explores the wild side of human and animal nature."

    “In need of some quality disco funk? Look no further! Nashville’s Marquee Mayfield lays down some righteous funk on his lead single, Breakdown. Mayfield continues his 'everybody on the dance floor', feel good vibes with the release of his second single, X-Factor. Infused with layers of trippy electronic programming & vocal glitches, "X Factor" is a pop-funk, neo-soul energy magnet!"

    "Marquee Mayfield reels their audience in with not only the smooth vocals but also addictive instrumentals and a special kudos to the guitar riffs."

    "...the debut single titled Breakdown which has a soulful disco feel to it. It’s one of those feel good, can’t sit still kind of songs. If this is what we can expect from Marquee then we definitely can’t wait for the EP."

    "Marquee Mayfield presents an eccentric visual for the oddball romanticist in 'Feelin' So Blue'."

    "..richly versed in the old skool of soul and with a modern mind, smitten by disco’s dance floor, he’s bringing a new form of funk to the stage."

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