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    The upbeat, fun attitude with which Marquee Mayfield conducts themselves is one reason their approach to pop-fusion, funk and soul music works. Similar to most Nashville based bands that came before them, Marquee Mayfield got their start in the basement of their college home. Shortly after graduation, frontman Andrew Glass and guitarist Landon Rives began writing & channeling their love for pop R&B and soulful grooves, mixed with overdoses of funky jazz-filled chords and disco dance-floor melodies.

    Marquee Mayfield is deeply ingrained in the musical community around Nashville. While they have their regular players, it’s a community effort with a cast of rotating characters. On any given night you will see 10 -20 people on stage creating large, poppy & soul-induced arrangements full of inspired musicianship, luscious horn lines and heartfelt vocals . One can typically expect to hear blue-eyed soul croonings from Glass, the tasteful rhythm playing of Rives, Adam Korsvik's blues-rock guitar wizardry , the silky-smooth bass playing of Carter Murphey, and the sultry, 'stop-you-in-your-tracks' pipes of vocalist, Amber Woodhouse. Other regular members include players from Space Capone, Dynamo, Great Barrier Reefs, Music City Toppers, and the GED Soul family.

    After nearly a decade Marquee Mayfield have been performing and facilitating dance parties across the Nashville local music scene, as well as areas of the southeast . MM's first project, written by Glass, showcased their love for the greats who came before them such as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, D'Angelo and Jamiroquai. Save the Night, their newest project and first full-length album, finds a unique and well-crafted collection of songs, written in collaboration between Glass, Rives, Korsvik and Murphey. While still paying homage to the legends of the genres they hold so dear, MM's Save The Night, boasts the evolution of a group who has found their own unique voice.

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    Never Enough

    X Factor


    Turn Out the Lights

    Better Days






    New Album -

    Save The Night

    available 5/26/17


  • Upcoming Shows

    5/26/17 @ The Back Corner, Nashville, TN

    Save The Night album release

    w/ special guests Nate Fredrick & Mandy Copp


    7/14/17 @ The Basement, Nashville, TN

    w/ Harrison B & Joey Flectcher

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    "Those unfamiliar with Marquee Mayfield would do well to educate themselves on the act; between their expressive vocals, impressive instrumentation, and upbeat attitude, the group hold the unique ability to play in just about every form of pop music from the last fifty years, including Motown, reggae, rock, and RnB."

    "Is there some sort of Jamiroquai revival going on and I didn't get the memo?... the new video from Marquee Mayfield, which is only a tracksuit and a furry hat away from making the walls move. It's a Jamiroquia-y disco jam and that's all right by me.." - Sean Maloney, Nashville Scene

    “In need of some quality disco funk? Look no further! Nashville’s Marquee Mayfield lays down some righteous funk on his lead single, Breakdown. Mayfield continues his 'everybody on the dance floor', feel good vibes with the release of his second single, X-Factor. Infused with layers of trippy electronic programming & vocal glitches, "X Factor" is a pop-funk, neo-soul energy magnet!"

    "Marquee Mayfield reels their audience in with not only the smooth vocals but also addictive instrumentals and a special kudos to the guitar riffs."

    "...the debut single titled Breakdown which has a soulful disco feel to it. It’s one of those feel good, can’t sit still kind of songs. If this is what we can expect from Marquee then we definitely can’t wait for the EP."

    "..richly versed in the old skool of soul and with a modern mind, smitten by disco’s dance floor, he’s bringing a new form of funk to the stage."

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